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Louisiana Driver License Practice Test

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Study for Your Louisiana Driver License Exam

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Getting your Louisiana driver license requires lots of preparation. You have to have a vehicle, a licensed driver to teach you, and hours of practice behind the wheel.

While some new drivers prepare carefully for their behind the wheel exam, they think they can just breeze through the written exam. Many of these drivers get stumped on identifying road signs, or have trouble remembering whether white lines mean a one-way street or a two-way street.

Practice Makes Perfect

So how do you avoid the pitfalls of failing your Louisiana driver license written test? The answer is to use a practice exam.

By taking the practice exam multiple times, you will be prepared to answer just about any question you might see on the actual test. You'll have greater confidence knowing that you have already passed the practice test many times before.

The practice exam comes in a short 50-question version and a longer 100-question version. Each test is available in the formats shown below.

You Choose Which Test To Take
  • 50 question test – Study the 50-question test to get a very good overview of the kinds of questions you'll be asked on your Louisiana driver license test (road rules and road signs).
  • 100 question test – For a wider variety of questions, pay a few dollars more and get the 100-question version of the practice test. There is less repetition of questions on this test, so you will have even better exposure to the types of questions that you will be asked on your driver license exam.
  • Unlimited testing – Both the 50-question practice test and the 100-question practice test include unlimited attempts. Study as much as you want to until you feel ready to go to the DMV and take your real driver license test.
  • Standard, Motorcycle, or CDL – Choose the standard test for non-commercial vehicles (cars and trucks), the motorcycle test, or the commercial / CDL test for large vehicles (buses, semis, etc.).

Why the Louisiana Driver's Handbook is Important

The Louisiana driver's handbook contains all of the information you will need to know to pass the driver license test, so don't just sign up for the practice test thinking that will be enough. (If you click on the handbook link and it doesn't open right away, please wait. It can take several seconds or sometimes minutes to open depending on Internet traffic.)

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The driver's handbook is a valuable resource for your protection. Without knowing the rules of the road, you could get a ticket, or worse, end up in a crash. We can't stress enough the importance of studying the handbook to prepare yourself for years of safe driving.

To get started on your DMV practice test, just click any of the individual test registration buttons on this page. The practice test was developed by I Drive Safely®.

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