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Michigan Driver License Practice Test

  • Great way to prepare for your REAL exam
  • Unlimited test attempts
  • Standard 100-question test

Practice Test for Michigan Drivers

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For Michigan high school students, getting that first driver license is a very big deal.

As you know, you can't just walk in and pay your fee to get a license. First you have to pass the test.

Apart from vision and driving skills tests, you will also be tested on your knowledge of Michigan traffic laws, road signs, and defensive driving techniques as taught in the Michigan driver's handbook.

Study for Your Michigan Driver License Exam

While DTA can't help teach you behind the wheel skills, we have an excellent way to prepare you for your Michigan driver license exam. We offer a practice test that presents the same kinds of questions you will find on your actual test.

Highway traffic laws can be complex even for drivers who have years of experience. In order to get your first license, you'll need to be familiar with rules of the road relating to passing, driving through intersections, driving around bicycles and motorcycles, changing lanes, and so forth.

The best way to prepare for your road rules and road signs test is with this convenient online practice test, available in a 100-question version.

  • 100 question standard test – The standard 100 question version of the test will provide you with excellent exposure to the types of questions that you will be asked on your driver license exam.
  • Unlimited testing – The 100-question practice test includes unlimited attempts. Study as much as you want to until you feel ready to go to the DMV and take your real driver license test.
  • Not available for motorcycle or CDL – Please note that the test being offered here is the standard version for non-commercial vehicles only (cars and trucks). This practice test will not prepare you for the motorcycle test or the commercial / CDL test for large vehicles (buses, semis, etc.).

Don't Forget the Driver's Handbook

While an online practice test is a great way to prepare yourself for your driver license test, it is no substitute for a careful and thorough review of the Michigan driver's handbook. The driver's handbook provides useful diagrams for intersection crossings, as well as a complete list of all the various road signs you must be able to identify.

Learning out of a book or online course will provide you with the knowledge you need to pass your test, but you must also practice actual behind the wheel driving with a capable licensed driver. Having a person with driving experience next to you in the vehicle will not only increase your confidence, but provide you with helpful advice that you won't get from a book.

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DTA hopes that all Michigan teens will focus on safety while learning how to drive. Ask your parents or driver ed instructor whenever you have a question about anything that you cannot find an answer to in the driver's handbook.

This online Michigan driver license practice test has been developed by I Drive Safely® and is offered in partnership with Driver Training Associates, Inc.

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