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New York Driver License Practice Test

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  • Unlimited test attempts
50 Question Test
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New York Teens Prefer the Online Test

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Not everyone who takes the New York driving exam passes the first time. In fact, many people fail.

This is usually because they didn't study well enough to remember the facts they need to pass the test on their first try.

Be prepared for your New York CDL, motorcycle or standard driving exam. Sign up for your practice exam today!

  • 50 question test – Study the 50-question test to get a very good overview of the kinds of questions you'll be asked on your New York driver license test (road rules and road signs).
  • 100 question test – For a wider variety of questions, pay a few dollars more and get the 100-question version of the practice test. There is less repetition of questions on this test, so you will have even better exposure to the types of questions that you will be asked on your driver license exam.
  • Unlimited testing – Both the 50-question practice test and the 100-question practice test include unlimited attempts. Study as much as you want to until you feel ready to go to the DMV and take your real driver license test.
  • Standard, Motorcycle, or CDL – Choose the standard test for non-commercial vehicles (cars and trucks), the motorcycle test, or the commercial / CDL test for large vehicles (buses, semis, etc.).

Study for Your Driver License Test with DTA

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The online New York driver license practice test is provided by I Drive Safely®.

This practice test will help you prepare you for your road rules and road signs test, but remember that you will still need to study the New York driver's handbook. This test will NOT prepare you for your behind-the-wheel driving exam.

DTA has been helping New Yorkers with driver training and defensive driving courses since 1977.