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Fresno Traffic School

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Online Traffic School – Fresno County

Fresno County traffic citation being written up by CHP officer

The Fresno County Superior Court allows drivers who are ticketed in Fresno County to attend traffic school if they are eligible. The main criteria for eligibility is that you must not have already gone to traffic school within the past 18 months.

Drivers who are eligible to attend can take the 8-hour California defensive driving course. Taking your class on the Internet eliminates the need to call a traffic school, find a class that fits your schedule, waste time and gas driving to the classroom, and sit through a lecture for eight hours, usually on a Saturday afternoon.

Instead, you can choose to take your class here with Driver Training Associates on your computer. Log in and out as many times as you like and take as much time as you need to complete the course.

Approved for Fresno Courts

The web-based traffic school course is approved for the 14 Fresno courts and branches listed below.

  • Caruthers Branch
  • Clovis Branch
  • Coalinga Branch
  • Firebaugh Branch
  • Fowler Branch
  • Kerman Branch
  • Kingsburg / Riverdale Branch
  • Main Branch
  • Parlier Branch
  • Reedley / Dunlap Branch
  • Riverdale Branch
  • Sanger Branch
  • Selma Branch
  • Federal / U.S. District Court

The Fresno County Superior Court Traffic Court is open from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. You should contact the court if you wish to attend traffic school.

  • Fresno Superior Court
  • 1100 Van Ness Rm. B108
  • Fresno, California 93724-0002
  • Telephone:  (559) 457-1700

Who Can Attend Fresno Traffic School?

Attending traffic school can prevent points from being assessed on your California driving record, which in turn can keep your auto insurance company from raising your rates. Drivers who have NOT already gone to traffic school for a ticket in the past 18 months, and who hold a valid CA driver license, are eligible to go to traffic school.

If any of the following conditions applies to you, the court is NOT authorized to let you attend traffic school for your Fresno County ticket.

  • You hold a commercial license (regardless of the type of vehicle in which you received your moving violation);
  • You committed a misdemeanor violation;
  • You committed a violation related to alcohol / drug use or possession;
  • You committed a violation under VC 40508(a) and failed to appear at your hearing. (This does not apply if you were adjudicated and have paid any applicable fines);
  • You committed a violation for which you have failed to appear under PC 1214.1 (unless the civil monetary assessment has been paid);
  • You committed a violation that carries a negligent operator point of more than one point under VC 12810;
  • You committed a violation that carries a negligent operator point of more than one and one-half point under VC 12810.5(b)(2);
  • You committed a speeding violation more than 25 miles over the speed limit per Chapter 7 (commencing with section 22348{b} of Division 11 of the Vehicle Code.

If you are not sure whether any of these categories of ineligibility applies to you, please contact the Superior Court for further information. For complete traffic school eligibility information, visit the website of the Fresno County Superior Court.

Fresno Traffic School Online

Driver Training Associates has been helping drivers for over thirty years. Long before any other company stressed the importance of attitude on a driver's behavior, DTA had made this principle a cornerstone of our educational philosophy.

Over the years, both professional and non-professional drivers have come to rely on DTA for the highest quality in driver education. We teach defensive driving strategies that can be applied instantly to reduce a driver's risk of future crashes and violations.

In order to serve California's large and diverse driving population, we've teamed up with I Drive Safely®. Try the online California defensive driving course today to dismiss your Fresno County moving violation.

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