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Modoc Traffic School

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Traffic School for Modoc Moving Violation

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What are your traffic school options if you receive a ticket in Modoc County? You can contest your ticket, just pay it, or go to traffic school.

A driver who simply pays the bail or fine on a California traffic citation gets it over with quickly, but points will be assessed onto his or her license. All moving violations, from speeding tickets to running a stop sign, are pointable offenses. When an insurance company sees those points, they conclude that the driver is not safe, and "unsafe" drivers are singled out to pay higher premiums.

Here you can sign up for online California traffic school, a course that is simple, convenient, and less of a drag than going to traffic school in a classroom! Plus, the course is approved by the Modoc County Superior Court.

Modoc Traffic School Online

Traffic school is an 8-hour course that teaches defensive driving strategies, how to curb aggressive driving tendencies, and California traffic law. The class is commonly offered either online or in a classroom. Some California counties even allow a student to take a home study course that is taught from a workbook.

California drivers have been signing up for traffic school in droves for several years now because of the high cost of auto insurance. When a driver takes the traffic school class online, the points are not assessed for the ticket, so they are not visible to the public. This means that they are also not visible to an insurance company, which typically reviews a driver's record once every few years.

Most Modoc Drivers Can Attend a Defensive Driving Course

While most California drivers with a traffic citation can attend a defensive driving course to get their ticket dismissed, this is not always the case. State law prohibits a driver from going to traffic school if he or she has already gone to traffic school for a previous ticket within the last 18 months. (The dates of violations are used to calculate this timeframe.)

Other conditions that can prevent a person from being eligible to sign up for defensive driving include:

  • Holding a commercial license (Class A, B, or C)
  • Holding an invalid license at the time the violation was committed
  • Committing a moving violation that is not eligible

Traffic school restrictions vary from one county to another. Ticketed California drivers can check with the county in which their ticket was issued to find out if they are permitted to take a traffic school course.

The telephone number for the Modoc County Traffic Court is (530) 233-1267.

Driver Training Associates offers this Medoc County traffic school Internet course through a partnership with I Drive Safely®, one of California's largest and most respected online traffic safety providers.

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