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New Jersey Driver License Practice Test

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Driver License Practice Test for New Jersey Teens

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New Jersey drivers now have a great way to study for their driver license test besides the driver's handbook.

With our online driver license practice tests, you can review hundreds of the same types of questions that appear on the New Jersey driver license exam.

Better preparation is the key to passing your driver license exam on your first try. Sign up today and begin practicing for the test that's so important to every New Jersey teenager!

Choose from a Wide Variety of Driver License Tests

New Jersey teens can choose the 50 or 100 question versions of the test, which are explained below. Other test options include motorcycle, CDL, and standard.

  • 50 question test – Study the 50-question test to get a very good overview of the kinds of questions you'll be asked on your New Jersey driver license test (road rules and road signs).
  • 100 question test – For a wider variety of questions, pay a few dollars more and get the 100-question version of the practice test. There is less repetition of questions on this test, so you will have even better exposure to the types of questions that you will be asked on your driver license exam.
  • Unlimited testing – Both the 50-question practice test and the 100-question practice test include unlimited attempts. Study as much as you want to until you feel ready to go to the DMV and take your real driver license test.
  • Standard, Motorcycle, or CDL – Choose the standard test for non-commercial vehicles (cars and trucks), the motorcycle test, or the commercial / CDL test for large vehicles (buses, semis, etc.).

Don't Forget to Study the New Jersey Driver Handbook

The New Jersey driver's handbook contains all of the information you will need to be thoroughly prepared to pass your test. You can read the handbook online by clicking here:

The handbook contains critical information about the New Jersey driver license system, driver responsibility, sharing the road with other drivers, safe driving rules and regulations, and much more. You will need to be very familiar with the contents of this manual before you travel to the driver license office for your written road rules and road signs test.

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The New Jersey driver license practice test was developed by I Drive Safely® and is offered in partnership with DTA.

Choose DTA as your driver license testing provider. We've been helping drivers reduce their risk of a crash and save money on car insurance for over thirty years.