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California Traffic School Price – $19.95

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We've noticed that some sites are advertising their California traffic school course at $13.95 or $14.50, but a few pages into registration, the price suddenly goes up to $19.95. The extra charges are supposedly for "certificate processing fees."

We would like to know why those companies and sites don't just charge the price they are advertising. DTA states our price up front and we don't change it after you begin registering.

Traffic School with No Hidden Fees

Driver Training Associates offers California defensive driving with no strings attached. That's right, absolutely NO HIDDEN FEES!

The price for this course includes all of the following:

  • FREE certificate delivery by e-mail or standard mail
  • FREE customer service by phone or e-mail
  • FREE 24 / 7 course access
  • FREE unlimited logins and logouts

Approved for Most California Counties

This course is approved for the majority of counties and jurisdictions in California. Click here for the list of counties that will accept a completion certificate from this defensive driving online course. You are only permitted to attend a California Defensive Driving course once every 18 months.

California Traffic Fatalities on the Decline

The California Office of Traffic Safety reported last year that crash fatalities for the state are on the decline. Traffic-related fatalities decreased by 14.1 percent, reaching their lowest level since the federal government began recording traffic fatalities in 1975.

While that's good news for Californians, it does not necessarily mean that the roads are safer. Inattention to driving caused by cell phones and other distractions is still responsible for a large number of deaths, injuries, and property damage each year both in California and nationally.

Drivers can help reduce the death toll on our nation's highways by educating themselves about traffic safety. Take our defensive driving course for a spin and become a part of the solution.

California Traffic School Online


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