DTA's Fleet Driver Improvement Program

Reduce Costly Crashes with DTA Fleet Training

One traffic collision by a fleet driver can cost your company thousands of dollars in traffic fines, insurance costs, and repairs.

Image of truck indicating that DTA course can be used to train company drivers

A collision involving injury could cost much more than that in legal fees, medical bills, and down time.

Most commercial vehicle operators receive more extensive behind the wheel training than non-commercial drivers, yet they still manage to become involved in crashes that could have been easily avoided. Why is that? The answer is that they have received skills training, but they have not been trained to drive with the proper attitude.

Attitude controls our driving behavior, and only one company specializes in teaching professional drivers how to understand their driving attitudes and use them constructively for crash avoidance. That company is DTA.

Program for Driver Improvement

Our Program for Driver Improvement is a research proven effective course that has been used by numerous companies and organizations to train their drivers in defensive driving techniques. Here is what makes our program stand head and shoulders above the competition:

  • Attitude Is Our Main Focus – DTA was the first company to develop a driver training course that explains how a driver's attitude can contribute to crashes or help to avoid them. We refer to our unique approach as "P-A-C," or attitude states.
  • Original Defensive Driving Concepts – Our courses don't just repeat the driver's handbook. Instead, they teach useful concepts not found anywhere else, such as the technique of separating risks to minimize the possibility of a crash.
  • Online or Classroom Instruction – We can provide your fleet drivers with classroom OR online instruction to match their learning style. Most other companies only offer one of these choices.
  • Video-based training – DTA pioneered the use of video in driver training to help keep students alert and attuned to defensive driving instruction.

Join the long list of companies that have used DTA's research proven effective course to reduce their fleet losses. If you would like to know more about how your company can participate in our fleet training program, please contact DTA or call us at 1-800-558-9887.