Man with keys who received his Florida driver license after taking practice test with DTA

Florida Driver License Practice Test

  • Great way to prepare for your REAL exam
  • Unlimited test attempts
  • Standard 100-question test

Pass Your Driver License Test the First Time!

Florida teen preparing for her behind the wheel driver license test

Did you know that many Florida teens fail their driver license test the first time? It's true. They're so excited or nervous about taking the test that they miss the questions, or maybe they just decided to skip studying.

The best way to pass your test on your first attempt is to be prepared. Take this convenient online practice test and be ready to pass with flying colors on your first try!

  • 100 question standard test – The standard 100 question version of the test will provide you with excellent exposure to the types of questions that you will be asked on your driver license exam.
  • Unlimited testing – The 100-question practice test includes unlimited attempts. Study as much as you want to until you feel ready to go to the DMV and take your real driver license test.
  • Not available for motorcycle or CDL – Please note that the test being offered here is the standard version for non-commercial vehicles only (cars and trucks). This practice test will not prepare you for the motorcycle test or the commercial / CDL test for large vehicles (buses, semis, etc.).
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The online Florida driver license practice test is provided by I Drive Safely®.

This practice test will help you prepare you for your road rules and road signs test, but remember that you will still need to study the Florida driver's handbook. This test will NOT prepare you for your behind-the-wheel driving exam.

Florida Drug and Alcohol Course

When you get ready to apply for your first Florida driver license, you'll need to complete the 4-hour drug and alcohol course. You can take your drug and alcohol course online with DTA.

Most other online learner permit courses do not include video, but ours has video, cartoons, and was written specifically for Florida teen drivers.

Take Your Driver License Test

Once you finish studying for the road signs and road rules test, you can take your Class E driver license exam online.

If you're nervous about taking your test in person, that's one more reason to purchase the driver license practice test. The more exposure you have to the types of questions that will be on your actual test, the less nervous you will be when you take it.

Make the smart decision and sign up for your practice test today!