DMV / Court Approved Traffic School

Woman with laptop completing DMV approved online defensive driving course

As a national traffic school provider, DTA primarily offers courses that have been approved by state DMV's and are accepted by traffic courts.

On this site, we have attempted to make traffic school less confusing by explaining the various reasons a person would attend the course, who is responsible for reporting traffic school completion to the court or DMV, and which authority has approved the course.

If you have searched our site for an answer to your question about traffic school approval and you still have questions, please call contact DTA. We specialize in defensive driving and traffic school, so our staff will most likely have the answer you're looking for.

Course Approval

  • California Traffic SchoolCalifornia traffic school courses are approved by individual county courts unless otherwise indicated on our site. For counties that are NOT approved, ticketed drivers can contact the court to request permission to attend the course.
  • Florida Traffic SchoolFlorida traffic school courses are approved by the Florida DHSMV.
  • Texas Defensive DrivingTexas defensive driving courses are approved by the Texas Education Agency.
  • Virginia Driver ImprovementVirginia driver improvement courses are approved by the Virginia DMV.
  • New York Defensive DrivingNew York defensive driving / PIRP courses are approved by the New York DMV.
  • Other States – We offer DMV or court approved courses in other states. If a course is approved for specific jurisdictions, we will inform you of this before or during the registration process.

Driver Training Associates is a Better Business Bureau accredited business.

Note: Not all states / courts have official standards for traffic school approval. DTA makes every effort to provide full information regarding whether a course that we offer is approved, but if you are not certain, please contact the court / state DMV that has jurisdiction over your traffic citation. DTA makes no warranties, express or implied, regarding suitability of any course for a particular purpose.