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Traffic Collision Avoidance Course (TCAC)

Vehicle crash in which motorist will be ordered to attend Traffic Collision Avoidance Course

Traffic Collision Avoidance Course is another name for the 4-hour Florida traffic school course. Most drivers who fall into this category will have received a letter from DHSMV directing them to attend a TCAC course because they have been involved in two traffic crashes within a two-year period, a crash involving at least $500 property damage, or a crash in which injuries occurred.

Failure to attend a TCAC course can result in cancellation of your Florida driver's license. If you have been ordered to attend a TCAC course, be sure to inform the school of this if you are taking a live class, or select the TCAC option if you are taking your course on the web.

Other reasons for attending this course include BDI course elective attendance, court ordered attendance, voluntary attendance for insurance discount, fleet training, and mandatory attendance for red light running, racing on the highway, running a red light, or passing a stopped school bus.