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Texas flag showing that this defensive driving course is approved by the Texas Education Agency for all Texas courts

Whether you are taking a defensive driving course for a traffic ticket or for an insurance discount, you will want to make sure that you complete a course that is approved by the "Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation" (TDLR) to be accepted for either reason. Our defensive driving Texas course is fully approved by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR), which means that you can confidently register for our course with the peace of mind that our course will be accepted by all courts in Texas for traffic tickets and by those insurance companies that offer defensive driving course discounts. For further proof, each state approved course provider is given a number indicating this approval. Our (Driver Training Associates') TDLR course provider number is CP-090. This code is printed on all of our certificates as well for further clarification.

Some people get confused when the court or insurance company refers to a "driver safety course." To clarify, a defensive driving course and a driver safety course are the same thing. Most courts will likely call the course a "driver safety course" because that is what it is called in Texas law. However, the most common name known to the general public is a "defensive driving course." DTA's defensive driving Texas course provides qualified drivers with the following benefits:

Defensive Driving Texas Course Benefits

  • Dismissal of traffic ticket – This course meets court requirements for drivers who have been ordered by a Texas court to attend a 6-hour defensive driving course as part of the deferred adjudication process. Upon completion of the course, you will be sent a state approved certificate of completion via the shipping method selected, that you must deliver to the court on or before their appointed deadline.
  • Auto insurance discount – You can take this course in order to qualify for a 3-year, 10% discount off your Texas auto insurance policy. Unlike many other defensive driving courses, ours is certified by the Texas State Board of Insurance as an approved auto insurance discount course. Most, but not all auto insurance providers offer a driver safety course discount, so we encourage anyone taking the course for the sole purpose of an insurance discount to contact their provider before taking the course.

State of Texas Approved Defensive Driving

The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation only approves courses that have passed rigorous standards for content, security, and delivery. Join millions of satisfied Texas drivers who have trusted DTA, a local Texas-based company, with their license.

We have an office in Sugar Land that is staffed by friendly, knowledgeable professionals who can answer your questions. We are looking forward to serving you with your defensive driving Texas needs.

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